Greg Wain

Playing the part of Maurice is Greg Wain. A classically trained multi-instrumentalist who is quality personified.

Russell Davey

With the unmistakable ability to produce Robin Gibb’s unique vocal tone, Russell has seen the world playing this role.

Evan Webster

After singing the Bee Gees songs in this show for 20 years. Evan can emulate the soft breathy sound and the very high falseto of Barry Gibb.

Glen Muirhead

Providing the Orchestral Keys and Piano, the full sound of the Bee Gees is completed by the talent of Glen Muirhead.

Scott Williams

Highly accomplished at his instrument, Scott Williams is the Bassist ideally suited to every part of this show.

Jon Carson (JC)

Jon Carson can play all styles exceptionally well. Just what is needed for the many styles of the Bee Gees.

Tim Gaze

A lead guitarist spanning over 4 decades Tim has worked with the best and still does. With a soft touch and solid drive Tim Gaze is the best

Timo Sutinen

Without the colour and rhythm of percussion this show would not be the same. From Scandinavia we present Timo Sutinen

Roslyn Loxton

With many songs written by the Bee Gees we are proud to present the brilliant vocal talents of Roslyn to perform hits by Barbra Striesand and Celine Dion