Child protégé and original Bee Gees drummer, Colin “Smiley” Petersen appears exclusively with The Best of the Bee Gees on tour.

The 4th official member of the band, Colin drove the evolution of the super group on stage and in the studio through 4 albums playing on #1 singles – Massachusetts, To Love Somebody, New York Mining Disaster, I Started a Joke, Gotta Get a Message to You and so much more.

The Gibb brothers regarded his contribution as essential to their sound and global success.

Colin says: “It’s wonderful that these incredible songs live on through the Best of the Bee Gees and I am thrilled to add another dimension by sharing my memories.”

Special Note:  As a child actor, Colin had appeared in three international films with the legends of the day by the time he was a teenager. The lead character in the iconic 1956 Australian film “Smiley”, alongside Chips Rafferty, Sir Ralph Richardson and John MacCallum, and in the United Kingdom The Scamp (1957) with Sir Richard Attenborough and A Cry From the Streets (1958) with Max Bygraves and Dana Wilson.

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