Best of the Bee Gees Orchestrated

The Bee Gees music was recorded using live orchestras from the beginning.

A performance in March 2019 in the Australian national capital with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra to 15,000 people has inspired the band to perform select shows with ensembles up to a full Symphony Orchestra.

Fully charted and scored by some of the best in the business ensures the music is authentic. Featuring one of Australia’s leading conductors, Mr George Ellis, this show is of the highest standard, with the ability to travel to all parts of the globe. 2023 will see the Best of the Bee Gees perform an orchestrated concert series across Australia featuring the George Ellis Orchestra

There is nothing better than hearing live strings and brass when listening to this beautiful music as it was originally recorded.

“I am thrilled to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Best of the Bee Gees with Colin “Smiley” Petersen in collaboration with the George Ellis Orchestra, on a national tour in 2023.

The Bee Gees have written superb arrangements for orchestration and when I reflect on our very first venture – 2019 Best of the Bee Gees partnership with the full Canberra Symphony Orchestra, I am reminded of the authenticity of the performance.

World-class musicians brought the mega-hits and beautiful three-part harmonies to an enthusiastic, appreciative audience, so I am excited to reconnect with this band to continue the legacy in their 25th year.

I am also looking forward to working with the original Bee Gees drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen.”

George Ellis

Perth Concert Hall was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Evan Webster and Best of the Bee Gees and looks forward to their return in future years. We highly recommend this most professional outfit who are the epitome of what “show-biz” is all about.

FOH Manager’s Report “Lots of positive feedback at interval regarding the performance, happy patrons!”

All Performance Reports received from staff post the event indicated a seamless process during the day and evening, helped by excellent pre-show communications and working with a professional company.”

Hamer Hall Arts Centre Melbourne

The Best of the Bee Gees team were great at sharing information, very responsive and appreciative of any assistance or expertise that is shared by our teams, and we were able to work very well together.  Positive comments across all areas post-concert.

Frankston Arts Centre

Such a pleasure working with the Best of the Bee Gees and patrons loved the concert – dancing, singing and very happy throughout!!  Also appreciated the post-show Meet & Greet.

We appreciated the passion to market the show and chats were always welcomed.

Thebarton Theatre Adelaide

The Best of the Bee Gees with the George Ellis Orchestra was fantastic! It was great to go down memory lane:).  The band and the orchestra were wonderful. The slide demonstration was such a great idea – it made this show rich in its contents. Also, to see Colin “Smiley” Petersen on stage was very special indeed – very informative and interesting!  This concert brought so much joy to us all 😊!

Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre

The Best of the Bee Gees is the BEST tribute show around!!!

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