I have always followed and supported The Best of The Bee Gees and was thrilled to be invited to their 25th Anniversary show at The Star Casino, Gold Coast.

This show with the George Ellis Orchestra exceeded my expectations,  bringing back childhood memories had me in tears and laughter.

Their performance was brilliant and, I am proud of the care and respect they have for my brothers’ music.

Absolutely wonderful.

Lesley Evans (Gibb)

Absolutely humbled to be a part of this show on such a major occasion.

A night I will always treasure, I honestly felt my uncle’s singing with me, a chilling experience,  their harmonies were just beautiful.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for this precious gift.

Love Always,

Debora McLane

What a show! More than a show!

I was truly astonished by the Best of the Bee Gees and the George Ellis Orchestra. Two and half hours of musical magic.

The Best of the Bee Gees is brilliant. Soaring vocal harmonies backed by original film clips and heartwarming narration from Bee Gees drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen makes for a magical night.

Add to that the 25-piece George Ellis orchestra and you’ll be dancing in the aisles …  I know I was.

Paul Taylor
News Reader Channel 9

Just a note to follow up on what was a wonderful Bee Gees Tribute show at The Star last Saturday.

We have a group of more than 40 members of our GoSet Club attend and absolutely every one enjoyed the evening.

And our members are more than entitled to ‘review’ the show as they include performers Normie Rowe, Brian Mannix, Tony Worsley, Digger Revell, Brian Cadd, Russell Morris, Denise Drysdale, Peter Cupples and more, many of whom have actually worked with the original Bee Gees in the 60’s and 70’s.

Your Bee Gees were as good as it gets; the orchestra, fabulous as was sound and lighting and Colin Petersen

Tony Healey

As a massive Bee Gees fan back in the early 70’s, always enjoying their music, I was thrilled to host the Best of the Bee Gees at The Athenaeum Theatre last Saturday night.

What a professional production!

The boys were fantastic, and the combination of the wonderful music, the excellent narrative from Colin (Smiley) Peterson and superb lighting made for a fabulous show.

The full theatre loved it.

I commend this production to anyone who loves the Bee Gees music.

Barry Janes
Athenaeum Theatre Director

I saw the Best of the Bee Gee’s last night and just can’t stop humming the opening bars of More Than a Woman. Not my absolute favourite from their stellar collection but a catchy composition nonetheless, faithfully rendered by band and orchestra.

This was a fabulously flamboyant production replete with synchronised archival footage of the originals and occasional anecdotes from one time drummer, Colin “Smiley” Peterson… who also reprised his role behind the kit, at one stage.

The vocals were superbly covered by Evan Webster, Russell Davey and Greg Wain with Roslyn Loxton stepping in for a couple of Barry Gibb’s numbers from the wild, matching Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion’s original takes.

Special commendation to George Ellis and his Orchestra for sumptuous renditions of the original sonics, which kicked when the disco devil’s were called out to play… lifting the crowd to their feet in feverish moves refined in younger days.

Nobody gets too much heaven no more.

Phil Cullen
One time ABC Broadcaster and music programmer

A nostalgic sound and story delight!

There are many fascinating stories about The Bee Gees and what a treat hearing them from an original band member, drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen.

This awesome concert not only covers a catalogue of The Bee Gees’ greatest music from the ‘60s, through the disco hits of “Saturday Night Fever” and beyond, but the event is interspersed with touching and amusing anecdotes about the band delivered by the ever-entertaining Petersen.

This tribute act has been together for more than twenty years and manages to both look the part and achieve the famous falsetto — not an easy thing to do!

A must for any Bee Gees fans. You’ll be singing along and dancing in your seat.

I took my daughter, husband — and mum! This concert is equally entertaining for 12- to 82-year-olds!

Elise Elliott

I feel compelled to let you know that this is one of the best concerts I have ever attended.

The whole band need to know, that as an avid fan of The Bee Gees in my youth, it was refreshing to hear all of the old favourites. My 38-year-old daughter was singing along as well. When I asked her “How do you know the words”, she replied, “Dad, that’s all we heard growing up, at home and in the car”.

The crowd were on their feet and dancing in the aisles to the performance. On many occasions, throughout the concert, I found myself closing my eyes and reminiscing to the near perfect renditions of the original songs.

I /we especially loved the stories from Colin “Smiley” about his experiences with the original Bee Gees. That was a nice touch and very genuine.

Marc Anderson
Sales Manager
Northern Rivers

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity of filming the Best of the Bee Gees Show at the Star Casino on Saturday night.

After hiring a film crew to create a promo as well as capturing social content, we were all blown away with accuracy of their performances complemented by engaging storytelling from original drummer Colin Petersen, and an internationally renowned orchestra lead by George Ellis.

The Best of the Bee Gees takes you on a magical journey back in time as though the Bee Gees were still performing their world class shows. It’s such an honour to be involved with entertainment as special as this. Evan and everyone involved in the show were given the official nod of approval from Lesley Evans, sister to the Gibb brothers, and her daughter, Debra McLane, who surprised everyone with a stunning performance of her own. It doesn’t get any better.

Evette Henderson | Producer

Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend the concert on Saturday at the Star casino My friend, and I had the best time ever The show was amazing and so well put together We thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the performance.

Especially the visuals and background stories and the interaction with the audience from the lead singer.

I had a message from my friend who said going to the show, gave her many more reasons for staying alive !!

Keep up the good work 👏🏻

LorettaGold Coast

I would just like to say how much me and my family enjoyed the Best of the Bee Gee’s concert at The Star on Saturday night.

We have seen this concert previously, but I must say that with orchestra and a couple of guest singers made this all the more enjoyable and the story and info from the performers was a great tribute to the original group and would recommend to anyone to see this concert

Thanks again

Darrell, Yvonne, Daniel + Aleisha

I was privileged to attend the show at the Star Casino on the Gold Coast. The vocals were amazing, and the addition of the orchestra was a perfect accompaniment to the show. The lighting and sound amplified the music, and I enjoyed the narration, which provided a backstory to the music. I was most impressed with the show paying thoughtful attribution to the Gibb and Evans family. Thank you for a fabulous night!

Willa Keys

We saw this show last night in Canberra… the very best show I’ve ever seen… I want to take my kids to see it again… can you please put up a show schedule!!! We will travel to see this sensation again and bring our children this time to watch the best tribute to the great artists … bloody brilliant !!! We are still singing the songs from this amazing show… the George Ellis Orchestra was amazing support and the entire show was amazing!!! I can’t wait to see it again…

Axel Crawbob

I’ve never seen a more professional tribute to the Bee Gees with those beautiful harmonies which are so difficult to achieve.  They have worked hard to reproduce the unique sound of my brothers.  So tastefully done.  Absolutely brilliant and I didn’t want to leave.   If you’re a Bee Gees fan, this is the concert for you.

Lesley Evans (Gibb)

I am delighted to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Best of the Bee Gees with Colin “Smiley” Petersen in collaboration with the George Ellis Orchestra, on a national tour in 2023.

It has been an honour to provide orchestrations for The Best of the Bee Gees and when I reflect on our very first venture – the 2019 Best of the Bee Gees partnership with the full Canberra Symphony Orchestra – I am reminded of the authenticity of the performance.

World class musicians brought the mega-hits and beautiful three-part harmonies to a large, enthusiastic and appreciative audience, so I am excited to reconnect with this band to continue the legacy in their 25th year.

I am also looking forward to working with the original Bee Gees drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen.”

Best regards,

George Ellis

2023 Rotary International Convention

The attendees and staff at the 2023 Rotary International Convention loved the Best of the Bee Gees at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.   Due to the universality of the Bee Gees and the thoughtful curation of song choices and video sync, the group is the perfect act for international audiences. Well done.

Managing Director Michael Owen – Event Genuity USA

Thebarton Theatre Adelaide

The Best of the Bee Gees with the George Ellis Orchestra was fantastic! It was great to go down memory lane:).  The band and the orchestra were wonderful. The slide demonstration was such a great idea – it made this show rich in its contents. Also, to see Colin “Smiley” Petersen on stage was very special indeed – very informative and interesting!  This concert brought so much joy to us all 😊!

Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre

The Best of the Bee Gees is the BEST tribute show around!!!

Hamer Hall Arts Centre Melbourne

The Best of the Bee Gees team were great at sharing information, very responsive and appreciative of any assistance or expertise that is shared by our teams, and we were able to work very well together.  Positive comments across all areas post-concert.

Frankston Arts Centre

Such a pleasure working with the Best of the Bee Gees and patrons loved the concert – dancing, singing and very happy throughout!!  Also appreciated the post-show Meet & Greet.

We appreciated the passion to market the show and chats were always welcomed.

Perth Concert Hall was delighted to have the opportunity to work with Evan Webster and Best of the Bee Gees and looks forward to their return in future years. We highly recommend this most professional outfit who are the epitome of what “show-biz” is all about.

FOH Manager’s Report “Lots of positive feedback at interval regarding the performance, happy patrons!”

All Performance Reports received from staff post the event indicated a seamless process during the day and evening, helped by excellent pre-show communications and working with a professional company.”

WOW! Just WOW!

We had the BEST night out watching The Best of The Bee Gees! I could watch this show again and again quite easily. Our group ranged from ages from late 20’s to early 60’s, and each one of us felt the exact same way, this is one of the BEST tribute shows we have ever seen!

Evan Webster who took the hardest part of Barry Gibb did an outstanding job, it certainly wouldn’t have been an easy task and he did an incredibly honourable job. Both Russell & Greg were equally fabulous, and we just loved how they all collaborated together to create the brotherhood so well.

To see Colin “Smiley” Petersen perform on stage was certainly a special moment, and to hear his stories and see photos of those memories was just a money can’t buy experience to be able to feel like you were sharing that memory with him.

We can’t wait to hear when The Best of The Bee Gees will be back our way again.

Renee Accatino 
Popcorn PR

It was a fantastic show and the crowd loved it, to get everyone up dancing was amazing.

The feedback afterwards in the lifts and as people left was just awesome. I heard many glowing comments from people who just loved the show.

Please pass on this feedback to the band, and Colin Smiley Petersen, his stories were so unique and added a touch of class to the show.

Due to this production, I now have a greater appreciation for The Bee Gees.


Ian Jeffery
Group Business Manager
Rebel Connect Group

Having been the beneficiary of The Bee Gees’ budding genius when they wrote and recorded two songs for me in 1967, The Best of The Bee Gees Show is a hit filled reminder of the fulfillment of that promise, the extraordinary body of work that they contributed to the Classic Rock era and the soundtrack of our lives.

John Blanchfield

The concert was fantastic and was really packed out.  Everyone got right into the music – standing up and dancing!  You have done a terrific job bringing this to people.

Thank you once again.

Media Director
Umedia Australia Pty Ltd

The performance on Saturday night was AMAZING!!

We all totally enjoyed it.

Evan and the other ‘Bee Gees’ were great as was the Orchestra.

My husband and I had watched the recent documentary on channel 9 about the Bee Gees which had given us some of the background information.  However they didn’t mention that there was a sister, so great that she was not only mentioned but was there on the night!  Also was nice, Evan made mention of the children.  The stories from Colin Petersen also added interest to the performance.


We cannot thank you enough for last night’s performance. OMG it was incredible!!

The whole night blew us away. My daughters loved it just as much as I and we were all up dancing.

Evan and the whole band and orchestra are so, so talented it was just amazing, I can see why the show has been going 25 years.

They sure are incredible. Even hearing about the charity work and Unicef.

Please send our greatest best wishes. Keep up the great work all of you!!  Sending all our love and thanks and will be following them always from now on.

Samantha Carrington

I thoroughly enjoyed this first-class show, it was an authentic and respectful replica of the iconic Bee Gees music – with outstanding vocals, Colin’s story adds an insight that brings a thoroughly wholesome extra dimension. Well done.

Johanna – Kyogle

My husband & I, with some friends attended the Best of the Bee Gees Concert on Saturday night at The Star.

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the night.

The music was great and we loved the way that they showcased footage from the original Bee Gees and paid homage to them.

The harmonies & solos were amazing & the orchestra certainly bought another dimension to the music.

We all loved it & will be on the lookout for when they are on at The Star again.

Regards Rob

Rest Media

I went with my son and grandson to The Best of the Bee Gees show at the Star Theatre, Gold Coast last Saturday.  It was an absolutely fantastic show.

The band members were extraordinary in their rendition of the all the Bee Gees hits.

The George Ellis Orchestra was wonderful and Roslyn Loxton added a glamorous dynamic to the show.

Special guest, Gibb family member, Debbie McLane’s rendition of Immortality was spine tingling and Colin Petersen’s reflections of his time with the original Bee Gees were fascinating.

The video backdrop throughout the show and the production were a credit to all those involved.  Well done Best of the Bee Gees.  We had a great night and loved every second.

Elise – Byron Bay