“I’ve never seen a more professional tribute to the Bee Gees with those beautiful harmonies which are so difficult to achieve.  They have worked hard to reproduce the unique sound of my brothers.  So tastefully done.  Absolutely brilliant and I didn’t want to leave.   If you’re a Bee Gees fan, this is the concert for you.”

Lesley Evans (Gibb)

I am delighted to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Best of the Bee Gees with Colin “Smiley” Petersen in collaboration with the George Ellis Orchestra, on a national tour in 2023.

It has been an honour to provide orchestrations for The Best of the Bee Gees and when I reflect on our very first venture – the 2019 Best of the Bee Gees partnership with the full Canberra Symphony Orchestra – I am reminded of the authenticity of the performance.

World class musicians brought the mega-hits and beautiful three-part harmonies to a large, enthusiastic and appreciative audience, so I am excited to reconnect with this band to continue the legacy in their 25th year.

I am also looking forward to working with the original Bee Gees drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen.”

Best regards,

George Ellis

As a massive Bee Gees fan back in the early 70’s, always enjoying their music, I was thrilled to host the Best of the Bee Gees at The Athenaeum Theatre last Saturday night.

What a professional production!

The boys were fantastic, and the combination of the wonderful music, the excellent narrative from Colin (Smiley) Peterson and superb lighting made for a fabulous show.

The full theatre loved it.

I commend this production to anyone who loves the Bee Gees music.

Barry Janes
Athenaeum Theatre Director

A nostalgic sound and story delight!

There are many fascinating stories about The Bee Gees and what a treat hearing them from an original band member, drummer Colin “Smiley” Petersen.

This awesome concert not only covers a catalogue of The Bee Gees’ greatest music from the ‘60s, through the disco hits of “Saturday Night Fever” and beyond, but the event is interspersed with touching and amusing anecdotes about the band delivered by the ever-entertaining Petersen.

This tribute act has been together for more than twenty years and manages to both look the part and achieve the famous falsetto — not an easy thing to do!

A must for any Bee Gees fans. You’ll be singing along and dancing in your seat.

I took my daughter, husband — and mum! This concert is equally entertaining for 12- to 82-year-olds!

Elise Elliott

I feel compelled to let you know that this is one of the best concerts I have ever attended.

The whole band need to know, that as an avid fan of The Bee Gees in my youth, it was refreshing to hear all of the old favourites. My 38-year-old daughter was singing along as well. When I asked her “How do you know the words”, she replied, “Dad, that’s all we heard growing up, at home and in the car”.

The crowd were on their feet and dancing in the aisles to the performance. On many occasions, throughout the concert, I found myself closing my eyes and reminiscing to the near perfect renditions of the original songs.

I /we especially loved the stories from Colin “Smiley” about his experiences with the original Bee Gees. That was a nice touch and very genuine.

Marc Anderson
Sales Manager
Northern Rivers

WOW! Just WOW!

We had the BEST night out watching The Best of The Bee Gees! I could watch this show again and again quite easily. Our group ranged from ages from late 20’s to early 60’s, and each one of us felt the exact same way, this is one of the BEST tribute shows we have ever seen!

Evan Webster who took the hardest part of Barry Gibb did an outstanding job, it certainly wouldn’t have been an easy task and he did an incredibly honourable job. Both Russell & Greg were equally fabulous, and we just loved how they all collaborated together to create the brotherhood so well.

To see Colin “Smiley” Petersen perform on stage was certainly a special moment, and to hear his stories and see photos of those memories was just a money can’t buy experience to be able to feel like you were sharing that memory with him.

We can’t wait to hear when The Best of The Bee Gees will be back our way again.

Renee Accatino 
Popcorn PR

It was a fantastic show and the crowd loved it, to get everyone up dancing was amazing.

The feedback afterwards in the lifts and as people left was just awesome. I heard many glowing comments from people who just loved the show.

Please pass on this feedback to the band, and Colin Smiley Petersen, his stories were so unique and added a touch of class to the show.

Due to this production, I now have a greater appreciation for The Bee Gees.


Ian Jeffery
Group Business Manager
Rebel Connect Group

“Having been the beneficiary of The Bee Gees’ budding genius when they wrote and recorded two songs for me in 1967, The Best of The Bee Gees Show is a hit filled reminder of the fulfillment of that promise, the extraordinary body of work that they contributed to the Classic Rock era and the soundtrack of our lives.”

John Blanchfield