“I’ve never seen a more professional tribute to the Bee Gees with those beautiful harmonies which are so difficult to achieve. They have worked hard to produce the unique sound of my brothers. So tastefully done.
Absolutely brilliant and I didn’t want to leave. If you’re a Bee Gees Fan, this is the concert for you.”

Lesley Evans (Gibb)

Big News For 2023!

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for the Best of the Bee Gees Show with many shows booked for this year.

Please watch this space and check back regularly for new shows which are added frequently.

Colin Petersen

A nostalgic journey of the Bee Gees music from the 60’s through the Disco Hits of “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” to the present-day hosted by the original drummer of the Bee Gees – Colin Petersen. Also features the music written by the Gibb Brothers for other international stars.

24 Years of Bee Gees

Since starting in 1998 The Best of the Bee Gees has performed to over 300,000 Bee Gees Fans.

Continual sell-out performances all over Australia and tours to SE Asia the UK and Europe has cemented the acts position as one of the world’s best Bee Gees Shows.

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